What We Do

Awareness and Advocacy

KVCO gives great importance to awareness raising and advocacy. KVCO organizes events such as workshops, seminars and knowledge forums to raise awareness and sensitize the concerned stakeholders on the different programs and plans. KVCO has over time developed a good working relationship with local CBOs, CSOs, religious institutions, and government agencies through joint meetings and sharing of basic information to have joint endeavors for the uplift of the people and the area. For this purpose, KVCO develops different types of IEC materials such as pamphlets, brochures, calendars, booklets etc. to disseminate messages both in the textual and visual forms at grass root level. Awareness raising and advocacy has always been an important component of almost all the projects executed by KVCO.

Environmental Conservation

Achieving sustainable development and safeguarding the environmental rights and obligations requires a strong environmental jurisprudence and access to environment-related justice. In its efforts to promote environmental sustainability, KVCO partners with other stakeholders working within Kerio Valley to ensure that program activities and plans adhere to environmental laws and regulations. KVCO also participates in supporting community conservation mechanisms through individuals, CBOs or CSOs. The specific thematic areas of support include;

Environmental campaigns to create awareness among people about the depleting natural resources and the perishing environment.

  • Awareness creation on environmental pollution and environmental degradation, and its effect(s) on human health, social set-up, economy and politics.
  • Awareness creation among the public on current environmental issues and solutions
  • Facilitation of the participation of various categories of stakeholders in the discussion on environmental issues.
  • Protection of human rights to have a clean environment
  • Protecting the natural resources and ensuring shared benefits in case of resource exploitation.
  • Environmental information dissemination through newsletters, brochures, articles, audio visuals, etc.
  • Seminars, lectures and group discussion for promotion of environmental awareness.
  • Seminars, lectures and group discussion for promotion of environmental awareness.
  • Assist village administrative units in preparation, application and execution of projects on environmental protection.

Education and Capacity Building

Local communities, particularly in Kerio Valley, are plagued by illiteracy, underdevelopment, imbalanced development and poverty. Sustainable Development can be attained if the community itself is empowered. Education, both the formal as well as informal, is an important area supported by KVCO activities. Its main focus is to ensure that children enrollment to school is enhanced by promoting a common education purpose between community leaders, parents and teachers through a strong Parents Teachers Associations (PTAs). The future plans for KVCO is to help in establishing informal schools in the remote areas of the Kerio Valley belt and provide opportunity to the deprived children. Besides the formal education, KVCO also strives to support enrollment into the informal education sector by providing incentives to youth within the communities. Capacity building is an important area of focus by KVCO. Since its inception, the organization has trained some members of Self-Help Groups, Community Based Organizations, Village forums within the Kerio valley region. This initiative not only helped KVCO to establish a network of the SHGs/CBOs in Kerio Valle, but also produced a social capital in the area to work for the socio-economic progress of the area. KVCO has since used two strategies to enhance capacity building i.e., specialized formal trainings and on-the-program job learning.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Using the local technology and engineering standards, provision of potable water and sanitation facility to the rural population of Kerio Valley is one of KVCO thematic areas. KVCO through its Technical Unit provides engineering support to the community based organizations in implementing water supply and sanitation projects. Moreover, KVCO is advocating for comprehensive sanitation practices especially for toilet waste so as to protect streams, rivers and underground water and to make the environment clean and safe. In line with this, personal and communal hygiene is also a priority to KVCO.

Disaster Management

Natural disasters such as floods and droughts have caused, and continue to cause loss of life and livelihoods in the Kerio Valley region. These events are the result of both natural and human actions through climate change and landscape change. KVCO realizes the increasing need to emphasize on prevention, preparedness, mitigation, and risk management to respond to these events in order to protect people’s safety, quality of life, economy and environment. As a response to this occasional phenomena, as and when it happens, KVCO in conjunction with other stakeholders, mobilizes emergency food and non-food items to aid the displaced population.